12 мая 2016 г.

BlueGriffon 2.0 на подходе

Радостная новость. Оказывается этот визуальный html-редактор продолжает развиваться. Кстати он написан Даниелем Глазманом так же как и его предок, редкатор Nvu (на его базе так же был написан KompoZer, который остановился в развитии).

Превью забирать здесь http://bluegriffon.org/freshmeat/2.0pre-20160512/

  • it's HIGHLY recommended to NOT overwrite your existing 1.7 or 1.8 version ; install it for instance in /tmp instead of /Applications
  • it's VERY HIGHLY recommended to start it creating a dedicated profile
    • open BlueGriffon.app --args -profilemanager (on OSX)
    • bluegriffon.exe -profilemanager (on Windows)
  • add-ons will NOT work with it, don't even try to install them in your test profile
  • it's a work in progress, expect bugs, issues and more
- major revamp, you won't even recognize the app :-)
- based on a very recent version of Gecko, that was a HUGE work.
- no more floating panels, too hacky and expensive to maintain
- rendering engine support added for Blink, Servo, Vivliostyle and
- tons of debugging in *all* areas of the app
- BlueGriffon now uses the native colorpicker on OSX. Yay!!!
The native colorpicker of Windows is so weak and ugly we just can't
use it (it can't even deal with opacity...) and decided to stick
to our own implementation. On Linux, the situation is more
complicated, the colorpicker is not as ugly as the Windows' one,
but it's unfortunately too weak compared to what our own offers.
- more CSS properties handled
- helper link from each CSS property in the UI to MDN
- better templates handling
- auto-reload of html documents if modified outside of BlueGriffon
- better Markdown support
- zoom in Source View
- tech changes for future improvements: support for :active and
other dynamic pseudo-classes, support for ::before and ::after
pseudo-elements in CSS Properties; rely on Gecko's CSS lexer
instead of our own. We're also working on cool new features on
the CSS side like CSS Variables and even much cooler than that :-)

источник http://www.glazman.org/weblog/dotclear/index.php?post/2016/05/12/BlueGriffon-2.0-approaching...

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